About Our New
Fund Raising Program!

Every non-profit organization needs to raise money. This is done either by charging members or by fundraising.

Most fundraising assumes risk to the group. You agree to buy cases of candy only to find you can't sell them all. You can end up losing money.

Not with our program!

Bowling is fun for everyone. Cosmic bowling is even more fun for kids.

Selling fun is very, very easy.

By selling $12 tickets to your private cosmic bowling function, and splitting the proceeds with us, you will never lose money again.

Our program is very simple and the leaders of groups who have done this said the same thing,"it was easy!".

We have several music programs to chose from. From oldies to new country to 80's & 90's dance music, we've got it all.

We have 16 lanes available for fundraising and you can have 5 people per lane. Don't open your calculator, that's 80 people!

Groups can earn as much as $480. Not only that, your group will enjoy a great outing as well.




The $teps To $uccess

Select a date, time & theme at least
4-6 weeks in advance.

  Let us know your group's name,
contact person & phone number.

We'll print your tickets.

Pay the deposit when you pick up
the tickets.

Assign tickets to your group's

Set a deadline.
All tickets sold/unsold & money turned into
your event coordinator.

One week in advance contact us and
let us know the final count.

To discuss your organization's
fundraising needs or to get it all rolling call us at

Or email us by clicking this line!


How It Works!

During the Fall/Winter, we can accommodate fundraising activities on

Monday's 4 pm to 6 pm
Tuesday's 4 pm to 6 pm
Thursday's 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm
Friday's 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
NEW! Saturday's 5 pm to 7 pm
NEW! Sunday Nights 9 pm to 11 pm

($200 deposit required for Saturday, $50 for all other days/times)

During the late Spring & Summer months more weekend days & times are available.

We will print up to 80 tickets for you. A deposit is required at that time. If for some reason planning doesn't go as well as you'd want, we will gladly refund this deposit once the tickets are returned at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled event. After that date the deposit becomes non-refundable. The deposit will be deducted from the final balance on the day of your event.

If your organization has 8 people, then each person would need to sell only 10 tickets each. Each ticket is sold for $12 but you only pay us $6 per person to bowl.

Your group makes $6 per person! Your group can make UP TO $480 !

There is no requirement to sell all the tickets. If your group was only able to sell 40 tickets, as long as the unsold tickets were returned we will hold your event for 40 people. Please call or email us with any questions or concerns!



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