Participation in our new 50/50 fundraising program is open to all non-profit groups & organizations.  For example, we said yes to the Holbrook Elementary Parents Group but no to "Phil's Vacation Fund"  :-)

Put simply, once someone prints your customized 50/50 Fundraising flyer and goes bowling, your organization receives half!

You may ask, what would you need to do to become a registered group?  Well, here's the list....



Here's some answers to some questions you may have

Q.  We are fundraising for a project and have no need to fundraise once it's completed.  Can we sign up for just a few weeks or months?

A.  Yes!


Q.  What if one of our people discovers that their printer is broken?  Or is out of ink?  Or they ran out of paper?  Or what if they show up at Timber Lanes and left the flyer on the kitchen table?

A.  We'll make it work!  We won't send them away disappointed.


Q.  Some of our people will be paying with credit/debit cards and there are processing fees.  Who pays those?

A.  We do 100%!


Q.  We don't really have any "official" letterhead or stationary.  Can we still participate?

A.  That's just fine.


Q.  How often will we "settle up"?

A.  Every month.


Q.  How can we best promote this within our organization.

A.  Every group is different but it's never been easier.  If your group has a website and/or Facebook page that's the place to start.  Ask everyone to promote this on their facebook/linkedin/myspace pages.  In a matter of days you could reach 100's if not 1000's of people!  Ask everyone to send an email to their family, friends and co-workers.  Don't take the chance that your people will think of doing these things....ask them to!

Another interesting way to remind folks is to change your "signature" message on your phone!  Changing it to something like "Don't forget to go bowling...we get half!"  is a clever way to remind people without bothering them.

It's a tough call when sending reminder emails or Facebook much is too much?  Generally, folks don't mind once, or even twice per week.  We think anything more than that will cause folks to turn your posts off.


Q.  How do we contact Timber Lanes if we have more questions or concerns?

A.  Scroll down just a little bit more :-)    And ask for Phil.


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